The marriage officer requires the following legal documents to perform a legal marriage:

    • Three (3) colored or black and white identity document photos of both parties.

    • 2(two) clear uncertified copies of both parties identity documents (ORIGINAL IDENTITY DOCUMENTS TO BE PROVIDED ON DATE OF MARRIAGE TO CONFIRM CERTIFIED COPIES)  

    • A temporarily identity document is acceptable but should not be older than 3 MONTHS 

    • NO birth certificates are at all acceptable

    • Proof of residential address is required (No postal adress is acceptable)

    • If getting married out of community of property, the ANC from the attorney on a proper letterhead signed and stamped by the attorney will be required

    • If you were previously married and now divorced, we require 2 clear copies of the FINAL DECREE OF DIVORCE signed and stamped by the COURT (NO SUMMONS OR SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT WILL BE ACCEPTED)

    • If you were previously married and you spouse is deceased, 2 clear copies of the death certificate will be required (ORIGINAL DEATH CERTIFICATE MUST BE PROVIDED)

    •  Two (2) witnesses are required for the signing of the marriage register

    • The witnesses MUST be South Africa Citizens and above 18 years old

    • Two (2) clear uncertified copies of identity documents of both witnesses are required (ORIGINAL IDENTITY DOCUMENTS HAS TO BE PROVIDED ON DAY OF THE MARRIAGE)

    • The couple will on the day of the marriage receive the original marriage register and also the handwritten marriage certificate

    • It is the responsibility of the marriage officer to have the marriage registered within 3 DAYS after the Marriage was performed at the DEPARTMENT OF HOME AFFAIRS