"We would like to celebrate your special life event with you"

Welcome to Wondrous Weddings

Wondrous Weddings is a proudly registered company at SIPRO since 2004. With owner Cornel Barnard at the wheel, Wondrous Weddings aims to treat each and every client with integrity and respect. 

At the heart of Wondrous Weddings is Jeanette who has proudly been in the industry since 2015 and has completed a Degree in Theology with a Bachelor of Ministry obtained at the Calvary University. Additionally, Jeanette is a legally registered marriage officer, Reverent appointed by The Department Of Home Affairs to conduct legal marriages.

Wondrous Weddings conducts interdenominational, interfaith, Christian and all legal marriages in South-Africa. Love knows no borders and with Wondrous Weddings, we offer our services to all South-Africans and foreigners with the correct legal documentation. 

We can conduct your marriage at the venue of your choice, your home or our office, in English, Afrikaans or Bilingual.

While we are based in Gauteng, we don’t mind the traveling and also offer our services in North West, Limpopo and Mpumalanga.


“As a marriage officer, I believe that the institution of marriage holds profound significance in our lives. It goes beyond a mere legal contract; it embodies the essence of devotion and unwavering commitment between two individuals. The act of exchanging vows and promises is a powerful declaration of love and fidelity, symbolizing the journey two people are embarking upon together. A marriage is a celebration of the unique bond shared between partners, highlighting their respect, understanding, and profound affection for one another. It’s a moment when two souls intertwine, promising to stand by each other’s side through life’s joys and challenges. This celebration serves as a testament to the deep-seated love that fuels the relationship, an enduring reminder that the partnership is founded on respect, kindness, and a shared vision of the future”

Wondrous Weddings render the following services: