I can officiate a marriage between two south African citizens. A south African citizen with a Foreigner and Two Foreigners.

The requirement of the Department of Home Affair for a South African citizen getting married to a Foreigner is that they need to go for an interview at the Immigration Officer at the office where the Marriage Officer is registered.

As a marriage officer I have extensive experience insisting the couple with the interview at the Department Of Home Affairs.

Couples getting married at a venue are more then welcome to setup an free appointment with me to discuss there wedding service.

If the couple are unable to attend the appointment in person we can also assist throw email and WhatsApp.

" We will register your Marriage within 3 days"


Please take note it is required by the Department of Home Affairs that all your documentation must be correct and legal.

Verification of your documentation will be done prior to your interview at the immigration officer at the office where I am appointed as marriage officer. My appointment as Marriage Officer is at Akasia- Pretoria. I assist you by accompany you to attend to the interview at the department of Home Affair Akasia Pretoria.

Please download the list of requirements

Important Information Civil Marriages

It is of utmost importance to complete the information (or you can download the form below this segment)

Or download the form

Marriage – Non South African Citizens


Instead of spending hours on the phone and in queues at Home Affairs, hire us! Our “Q For You” Service can save you time and frustration

We can assist you with the following applications

  • Abridge / Unabridged Marriage Certificate
  • Abridge / Unabridged Birth Certificate
  • Abridge / Unabridged Death Certificate
  • Vault Copy Birth / Marriage / Death
  • Letter of nun impediment for South African Citizens
  • Apostille Stamp
  • Speed up of prior applied Certificates 
  • Verification of Marital Status
  • Status Change / Updates
  • Divorce Registration for South African Citizens
  • Optioning of final degree of divorce in Johannesburg and Pretoria for South African Citizens
  • Police Clearance Certificate for South African Citizens only
  • Courier and DHL services

Forms for Services

Please download the correct form to fill in and email back to us

DHA Confirmation of Marital Status

Please do not fill in the Marital Status, it is to be filled in by DHA officials

Marriage Between South African Citizens

Please make sure that all the information provided is correct

Marriage Between South African and non South African

Please make sure that all the information provided is correct